Rain washes out the air show, and the Blue Angels

Patuxent River, Md- The Blue Angels were back after being absent from the Patuxent River Naval Air Station for 7 years. The last show they did here was in 2011. They were scheduled to perform last year at the air show, but cancelled due to a plane crash that occurred in Tennessee on June 1, 2017.

Saturday's air show started out hot, but sunny. People got there early to enjoy the vendors and the shows of other stunt planes. There was even a tractor trailer with a jet engine that could reach speeds of 324 miles per hour. The tractor trailer raced a plane with his jet engine and beat the plane. The heat from the truck was so hot, it could be felt 100 yards away. The fire from the rig did cause a small fire of about 1,000 feet, which the NAS Pax River Fire Department did extinguish quickly.

The Blue Angels show kicked off at 3 pm and about twenty minutes in, the show was cancelled due to impending weather with a lightning risk.

They ushered everyone off the tarmac and into their vehicles. It rained for about 15 minutes over the base, and then the sun came back out, but it was still a washout.

Sunday didn't do any better with the whole air show not even being able to get started due to the rain that took place overnight Saturday and all day Sunday.  Hopefully the next time the Blue Angels come back to Pax River, the weather will cooperate and spectators can enjoy a wonderful air show.

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