Over 25 endorse new law enforcement leadership

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To the editor:

This year is an election year. Each election cycle is important but this year’s local elections will be pivotal.  The citizens of St. Mary’s County will have the opportunity to change leadership in one of the most important agencies in our county.  The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for providing many important services in our county.  Providing security for our schools, operation of the detention center, security for the Circuit Court, Child Support and many other areas that most citizens are unaware of. 

Like what we see in national politics, we see glimpses of it in local politics.  Unfortunately for Deputies in St. Mary’s County any Deputy can become the target of frivolous administrative investigations.  These investigations are morale killers for deputies and many times devastate their careers and families.  While the agency struggles to maintain staff levels and deputies working overtime, Sheriff Cameron places unneeded pressure on employees with these frivolous investigations. The Sheriff allows petty allegations to be investigated for long periods of time with no concern at all about costs or ramifications to the agency.  Often times, finding no evidence of the original offense the Sheriff will find unrelated policy violations and charge the deputies.  What adds insult to injury is that most or all of these violations are petty and were most likely violations that the Sheriff himself committed in his career.  That is one of the things that makes this agency so unprofessional and difficult to work at.

Every once in a while the public will see the unprofessional, and bully like behavior of the Sheriff rear its head.  For example, in January of this year, Sheriff Cameron blamed others for his inability to fill a position on the St. Mary’s County Alcohol Board.  The Sheriff used the lack of manpower as an excuse.  The Sheriff is responsible for the low manpower.  In March of 2016, the Sheriff’s chosen leader, Maj. John Horne, disrupted a County Commissioner’s hearing on the budget.  Maj Horne took the liberty to berate and insult an elected official.  If the Major and the Sheriff will treat an elected official that way,  just imagine the treatment of the average Deputy.  Unfortunately and sadly, too many deputies have been on the wrong side of this wrath.

The Sheriff, will no doubt excuse away each of these deputies and their complaints as some sour grapes or just political paybacks.  That’s not what this is.  This is the only way to confront a bully.  You must expose the actions of the bully and stand up.  Individually, we can’t stand up but collectively we can have a voice and hopefully, with the help of the good people of St. Mary’s County, we can vote for new and ethical leadership.  In closing, I wish to reinforce the courage of the listed former employees to put their names on paper.  Remember the many other Deputies, civilians and Correctional Officers who stand in principle with these concerns but feared retribution and retaliation if their names were made public.

We, the listed citizens, neighbors, friends, and co-workers have all jointly resolved to go on record and cast a VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE for the current Sheriff and his leadership.  We can do better this election.

Abbie Perkins, Michael Isenberg, Charles Earle, Will Thompson, Eric Walker, Johnny Logalbo, Vivian Walker, Joe Labarck, Jean Vezzosi, William Jones (ECC), Nicole Fahey, Kelly Corcoran (Bowling), Jason Kerns, Timothy Shomper, Chris Shomper, Jim Shomper, Robert Gill, Jason Wilson, Matthew Rogers, Shane Cameron, William Wood, Phil Lance, Martin Mumper, Mike Phelan, Heather Jackson, Kelly Lowther and Ted Belleavoine

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