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Hollywood, MD - Now more than ever, kids in the Southern Maryland area have no excuse to claim “there’s nothing to do” during summer vacation. There’s too much daylight during June, July and August. This may be a time for leisure and relaxation but binge sleeping is a total waste of time. Even if there’s no big vacation planned, every member of the family can make summer a productive time.

Summer break from school got its start when our society was more agrarian. Having children off school for a few weeks meant additional farm chores could get done. That routine probably made school work seem easy. For some youth, the classroom education continues during the summer. Online and classroom courses are available in Calvert and Charles counties, according to those jurisdictions’ public schools’ web sites. There are fees for those classes but if a student needs to make up a course or wants to receive original credit, summer school presents a great opportunity that’s well worth the money. You will likely meet new people and receive the benefit of being taught by an instructor who might not be a part of your regular school’s staff. Although summer school might have once had a reputation for being punishment for poor students, the truth is there is no stigma attached to attending summer school anymore. It’s an incubator of academic eagerness, so seize the opportunity.

In St. Mary’s County, the public school system is offering five “camps” that are focused on education. Like summer school courses, signing up is an opportunity that should be seized immediately. Speaking of camps, there are plenty of other options throughout the Tri-County area.

There’s money to be made during the summer and seeking employment and/or an internship is a great way for youth to break into the grownup world of work. Even looking for work is a learning experience that will prove invaluable to you upon reaching adulthood. You will learn—often by trial and error—how to sell yourself. Every time a potential employer says “no,” you are that much closer to actually landing a job. Everything from flipping burgers, babysitting, lifeguarding and running errands is available to the ambitious.

There’s no way to take the fun out of summer. In an area surrounded by water there are numerous opportunities—pools, rivers and a bay to swim, trails to hike and bike, and places to meander and explore in all three counties. We would be remiss if we didn’t also point out that reading is a leisure activity and the summer gives a young person a chance to read the book they want to, as opposed to what’s assigned. Southern Maryland has excellent libraries and they are great hangouts for young people.

For several generations Southern Maryland has been a vacation destination. If you live here you have already arrived. The opportunity is there to spend a balanced day in the summer sun—working, learning, playing, resting and relaxing. Southern Maryland is officially a “no whine zone,” kids! There’s plenty to do. We hope 2017 proves to be the best summer ever.

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