Town of La Plata weather sirens activate for confirmed tornadoes


Summer brings severe weather, such as hurricanes, extreme heat, thunderstorms, and tornadoes. The Department of Emergency Services and the Town of La Plata remind residents that the Town of La Plata tornado sirens will activate if there is a confirmed tornado on the ground, spotted in, or heading towards La Plata. This is a three-minute cycling of the siren, in addition to a voice announcement at the end of the cycle.

La Plata sirens are “outdoor warning sirens” intended to warn residents who are outside of an imminent tornado threat. The sirens are not intended nor guaranteed to warn residents who are indoors. Residents indoors should rely on weather radios, television and radio messages, or phone notification systems for updates on tornado threats.

Residents are urged to register/review their profiles for the latest CNS updates and alerts from Charles County Government, and the National Weather Service.  To register for CNS, manage your message settings, provide preferred contact information, and select categories, visit

When you hear the siren going off, please do not delay in seeking shelter. Get indoors to an interior small room or basement, and get low. For tornado preparedness tips, visit the National Weather Service’s website at

The sirens are installed at the following locations:
• On Charles Street in front of the Charles County Courthouse
• On Curley Hall Road at the Town's Wastewater Treatment Plant (near Quailwood Subdivision)
• In Clarks Run Subdivision
• In King's Grant Subdivision
• On Shining Willow Way next to the La Plata Volunteer Fire Department
• College of Southern Maryland

Severe weather notices are posted online at, on CCGTV cable television (Verizon channel 10 and Comcast Channel 95), on Facebook and Twitter. 

Sign up for the Citizen Notification Service (CNS) at to receive inclement weather, tornado watch,  and tornado warning notifications by email or text message.  For updated information on power outages, view the SMECO outage map at  Call 877-747-6326 to report a power outage.  Call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency.

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