Opinion: Elements Eatery and Mixology review

LEXINGTON PARK, MD -- They do almost everything from scratch at Elements Eatery and Mixology.

With a recently updated menu and six new craft beer lines, Elements is the place to go for good food and good service, said Rob Plant, manager and owner.

“We make almost everything ourselves, not including products like sugar, flour, soy sauce and other supplies. We try to source as many products locally as possible,” said Plant.

Quite a bit of local produce is purchased at the Loveville Product Auction, he said.

“We always have seasonal products to serve, as well as a new beer menu every two days,” said Plant.

Elements offer gluten free products such as bread, wraps and pizza, said Plant.

“We always use rice flour to thicken things. We do not have any nuts in the building,” said Plant. 

The name of the restaurant was not intended to be fancy, said Plant.

“I thought the name eatery would be more casual than something like bistro or restaurant. And the mixology portion was inspired by the fact that we do everything from scratch,” said Plant.

Plant used to own and operate Blue Wind Gourmet, but his lease expired and he had to move.

“We only have the one location down on Three Notch. Our employees continue to embrace diversity and healthy eating at Elements,” said Plant. 

When not serving customers, Plant said that Elements does what it can to support the community.

“We just did our two big community fundraisers for the year. We raised over $9,000.00 for the soup kitchen on Great Mills Road and over $2,800.00 for Farming 4 Hunger,” said Plant.

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My say

I enjoyed my time at Elements. I was there with my significant other, Andrew, for one of his after work social events recently, and though the craft beer selection was small, I did enjoy a pint of a more hoppy ale. It paired well with the New York Strip steak we both ordered. Served with a portion of large cut potato salad, the steak came with a dipping sauce it didn’t need.

The steak was the second most tender and juicy I have had the opportunity to consume. Even though the steak didn’t have a lot of fat, it still had a melt-in-your-mouth quality to it, and it was perfectly cooked to the medium I had requested.

Andrew’s manager had ordered multiple pizzas to be shared at the social gathering, and I would have ordered that if I hadn’t already placed the order for the steak. With sausage and multiple cheeses, it was almost the perfect home-crafted pizza pie.

The environment at Elements is a classy sort of chill. I could see anyone from off duty servicemen to a group of ladies out on the town could come by and enjoy themselves with craft beer, handcrafted specialty drinks, and very fresh food. The service was kind and quick, and the bartender put on quite a show that I could watch while I was eating. He created several smoked drinks, where he seared a light colored wooden board and captured the smoke in small glasses. He then pour an orange liquid inside and topped it with a hand peeled slice of lemon zest.

The check was as pricey as I expected for the fresh local products that went into making our dinners, but that is to be expected for the quality. It was an enjoyable and unique experience, and I hope I can get back out there soon.

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