Max is our Pet of the Week!

Description: ~ 11 yrs old ~ 34 lb

Max is a GREAT dog! He's the quintessential beagle - happy, outgoing, tailwagging, devil-may-care. Max is joyful. We're not sure why. He was surrendered to the shelter because his family was "moving." Eleven years of faithful, loving companionship and then dumped like yesterday's garbage. Well, Max was just a joy at the shelter where he languished for about a month with no interest shown in him by the public, so he came to BRSM in hopes of finding the perfect retirement home.

Whatever his home life may have been, a shortage of food was not the problem. Max needs to drop a few pounds to reach his ideal weight. (Who doesn't?) This boy has a lot of life left to live and we'd like him to live it out with someone who will love him unconditionally and with all their heart. He will return it 10 fold. He was a good sport being dressed up for his photos and trotted over to the photographers with enthusiasm for the task. We just can't say enough good things about this boy! Seniors ROCK! As a former pet, we're guessing that he has house manners. We're also guessing that he was given up because of his age. Or he no longer matched the drapes. Whatever. Their loss.

Adopt Max today!

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