Teen gets time for theft and police dog injuries

La Plata, MD - Marquette Davon Ball was 18 years old when he and two younger friends broke into a house in Waldorf and stole more than $1,000 in property last October.

Monday, June 29, Ball, now 19, was sentenced in Charles County Circuit Court by Judge H. James West to two 15-month sentences for his participation in the robbery.

Charles County Assistant State’s Attorney Brandon Northington told West the robbery occurred Oct. 9, 2014 when Ball broke into a residence, stealing rifles, BB guns and other items. In addition to the robbery charges, Ball also injured a K-9 police dog while trying to escape when police arrived, he said.

Northington noted to the court that the victims were present in the courtroom.

“They are fearful when they leave their house,” he added. “Maybe after this they can have peace of mind.”

Ball’s attorney, Bruce Johnson, asked the court to sentence his client to time already served, a period of four days.

“His parents left him there,” Johnson said. “They showed him a little tough love.”

Johnson suggested that incarcerating a young man with his life before him would not serve any purpose.

“I’d like to say I’m sorry to the family,” Ball said. “I was not thinking for myself. It was a big mistake.”

West said something he has expressed in court before, that one thing he cannot abide is someone who breaks into another person’s home.

“Once you go into someone’s home, you’ve created a situation that is dangerous for them and dangerous for you,” the judge said.

On the first-degree burglary charge, West sentenced Ball to 20 years with all but 15 months suspended. On the third count of injuring a law enforcement animal, the judge sentenced the defendant to 15 months with credit for four days served. He also tacked on two years of unsupervised probation and told Ball if he paid full restitution upon his release he would consider suspending the probation.

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