Cocaine addiction leads to father missing birth of child

William Terrence Campbell

Leonardtown, MD -- The lawyer said his client has been addicted to cocaine since he was a teenager. Now 39 years old, William Campbell’s addiction has resulted in a 12-year jail sentence. The Lexington Park man, who goes by the nickname “Funk,” was sentenced June 2 by St. Mary’s County Circuit Court Judge Michael Stamm. Campbell pled guilty on March 20 to drug possession.

Largo attorney Ralph Warren Sr. said at the June 2 sentencing hearing that Campbell has been a daily user of cocaine since he was 18 and is also addicted to prescription drugs. “It has been a daily struggle for Mr. Campbell,” Warren said.
Campbell was indicted in August of 2014 after undercover police operatives made purchases from Campbell. A search-and-seizure warrant at his home resulted in a significant amount of drugs being found.

Warren asked the judge to allow his client to go into long-term drug treatment. “He needs medical help. Long-term incarceration is not going to solve these problems.” Warren observed the scourge of drug addiction in the area. “This has become a public health crisis,” the attorney said.

“He is a kind and gentle individual who became addicted to cocaine,” Warren told the judge about his dealings with his client.

Warren noted that his client had completed drug counseling at Walden earlier this year but Judge Stamm observed that he had been using since then. “You have had so many different opportunities to try to get your act together,” Stamm said.

The state was represented at the sentencing by Assistant State’s Attorney Jaymi Sterling, who pointed out that the sentencing guideline for the crime with Campbell’s record was 12 to 20 years in jail. Judge Stamm sentenced Campbell to the lower end of the guidelines and did recommend his incarceration at Patuxent Institution, where he can get drug treatment.

Campbell is the father of six children and another is due in July. Warren asked that incarceration be delayed until the birth of the child, but the judge denied that request.

After sentencing, Campbell asked if he could say goodbye to his family who were in the audience. His mother, girlfriend and son hugged him and then he leaned down to kiss his young daughter. He was then taken away to serve his time.


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