Wyle to Receive Leading Edge Award

Located in two prominent buildings in the Exploration center just outside Gate 1 at Pax River is the headquarters for a major defense contractor division that has 25 locations around the country. Wyle Aerospace Group is being honored on Wednesday, June 22 as the Patuxent Partnership Member Firm of the Year as part of the 11th Annual Leading Edge Awards Ceremony at the Greater Waldorf Jaycees Community Center.

Wyle is headquartered in El Secundo, CA. It has 4,800 highly specialized employees in more than 50 facilities around the country and has annual sales of more than a billion dollars. Its Aerospace Division in Lexington Park is the company’s largest office. Its more than 800 employees in St. Mary’s County make it the fourth largest private employer. In addition to its Exploration location, the group has employees in spaces on base and in Hollywood.
Peter Green assumed the position of group president earlier this year, succeeding Brent Bennitt, who was promoted to corporate vice president and now splits his time between Pax River and El Secundo. Green is a 25-year veteran of Wyle and its predecessors in St. Mary’s County. After retiring from the Navy he went to work in the P-3 program for the then Veda Corporation and was a test pilot for them for his first 16 years with the company.
Green has deep roots in the community. Both of his children are Leonardtown High School graduates. His son, a Penn State graduate, is now a Cobra pilot and his daughter, a University of Maryland graduate, worked in the Johns Hopkins I University Cancer Research Center.
Green has been around long enough to remember an old slogan of a local bank: "Where some have their branches, we have our roots." Green says that slogan applies to the Wyle Aerospace Group. While other major defense contractors in the area are just offices of a company located somewhere else, his group is headquartered right here, he proudly states. In all, the group has 1,900 workers.
Wyle Aerospace Group was chosen by Patuxent Partnership for the award from eleven applicants of which seven submitted a six-page questionnaire addressing “business performance, employee culture and community involvement.” Wyle was chosen in part because of its 10-percent growth in 2010, $100 million in sold contracts and active employee and company support of local charities.
In St. Mary’s County, Wyle’s defense work is divided into five categories according to Green: systems engineering, project management and support, sustainment engineering (trying to maintain while at the same time saving money), test and evaluation, and information operations.
While some companies are on a mission to diversify outside of government work, Wyle is content in its primary mission of providing Department of Defense support. NAVAIR is the company’s largest customer. “We never want to cross with our primary customer – the government,” he asserted. They have diversified to work with other defense agencies, such as Air Force and Army. They currently have a contract with the Army at Aberdeen, for instance.
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