Motocross great snags 100th victory

Motocross' “Greatest Of All Time,” Ricky Carmichael, lived up to his title once more this weekend, as he took the overall win and remained undefeated at the Budds Creek track.

After having his goggles malfunction, while pressuring the leader James “Bubba” Stewart for several laps, Carmichael had to shed the goggles and settle for second in the first race.

In the second race Carmichael stalked Stewart until the later part of the race.  Carmichael set Stewart up and passed him with a few laps to go, taking the second victory. This win also gave Carmichael the best overall score for the day and his 100th motocross victory of his career.

The Lites class proved to be a slugfest for third place. Ryan Villopoto took first, and Ben Townley took second in both races, leaving an open door for third place. Ryan Dungey, Josh Grant, and Jason Lawrence showed the crowd several laps of tooth and nail motocross that would have made the great Bob Hannah proud.

In the end, Jason Lawrence held the other two riders off, taking third place.

If you missed the motocross this weekend, be ready Sept. 22-23 for one of the biggest motocross events in the world. Motocross of the Nations will be coming to Budds Creek this year.

This race pits the best three rides from the United States against the top riders from each country. This one is for the bragging rights of who has the best motocross riders in the world.

See the photos below to for some of this weekend's best moments.

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