SMCSO DUI Arrests For March & April 2021

03/04/21- Joseph Cornell Young, age 47 of Lexington Park by Dep. Rycyzyn# 350.

Joseph Cornell Young

03/05/21- Jesse Erin Kuntz, age 26 of Lusby by Cpl. LeFave# 264. (No Photograph Available)

03/12/21- Phillip Michael Welch, age 31 of Lexington Park by DFC. Beyer# 319.

Phillip Michael Welch

03/12/21- Brian Dennis Neseth, age 33 of St. Inigoes by Cpl. LeFave# 264. (No Photograph Available)

03/14/21- Shopel Koron Briscoe, age 24 of Lexington Park by Dep. Westphal# 337.

Shopel Koron Briscoe

03/16/21- Sean Wesley Pierce, age 36 of Fort Washington by Dep. Wilhelmi# 365.

Sean Wesley Pierce

03/16/21- David Lee Jordan, age 54 of California by Cpl. Pesante# 153. (No Photograph Available)

03/21/21- Karen Michelle Ramagnano, age 31 of Leonardtown by Dep. Chase #346.

Karen Michelle Ramagnano

03/25/21- Charles Edward Sharp, age 39 of Charlotte Hall by Dep. C. Hill# 381.

Charles Edward Sharp

03/25/21- Jose Fernando Casiano Ramirez, age 30 of Lexington Park by Dep. Mattera# 375. (No Photograph Available)

03/26/21- Karla Rene Goode, age 44 of California by Dep. Dixon# 380.

Karla Rene Goode

03/27/21- Donis Francisco Herrera Hernandez, age 27 of Lexington Park by Dep. Dixon# 380.

Donis Francisco Herrera Hernandez

04/04/21- Nicholas Alexander Stubbs, age 31 of Valley Lee by Dep. C. Hill# 381.

Nicholas Alexander Stubbs

04/06/21- Zachary Anthony Faxon, age 32 of Lexington Park by Dep. Kril# 382.

Zachary Anthony Faxon

04/07/21- John Lawrence Brandt, age 34 of Lusby by Dep. Mattera# 375. (No Photograph Available)

04/09/21- Johnathon David Lange, age 33 of California by Dep. Kril3 382.

Johnathon David Lange

04/10/21- Joseph Michael Defilippo, age 33 of Mechanicsville by Cpl. Maloy# 137.

Joseph Michael Defilippo

04/15/21- Sheena Lachelle Meredith, age 36 of Mechanicsville by Dep. Wilson# 370. (No Photograph Available)

04/19/21- Raymond Howard Gue, age 67 of Mechanicsville by Cpl. D. Smith# 297.

Raymond Howard Gue

04/21/21- Charles Russell Mellen Jr., age 43 of Mechanicsville by Dep. Graves# 354.

Charles Russell Mellen Jr.

04/22/21- Matthew Robert Jager, age 32 of Chaptico by Dep. Haas# 367.

Matthew Robert Jader

04/23/21- William Richard Sanders, age 31 of Newburg by Dep. Wilhelmi# 365.

William Richard Sanders

04/24/21- Tyler Montezuma Dacruz, age 27 of Waldorf by DFC. Budd# 325.

Tyler Montezuma Dacruz

04/25/21- Dennis Michael Gray, age 60 of Florida by Dep. Allebach# 392.

Dennis Michael Gray

04/28/21- Brandon Allen Moore, age 26 of Mechanicsville by Dep. N. Hill# 361. (No Photograph Available)

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