Fiancée Of Leonardtown Man Found Shot Speaks On His Passing

LEONARDTOWN, Md. -- Bill Goldsborough, 36, was flown from Leonardtown after being shot in the head on May 22. He has since passed away according to his fiancée April Farrell.

First responders found Goldsborough in the area of Fairgrounds Road, where arrival crews immediately administered CPR. Then, a helicopter from the Maryland State Police Aviation transported him to a nearby trauma center.

Sadly, Goldsborough’s family found out he died on Thursday, May 27, 2021. Goldsborough was born in Leonardtown, and he loved to help his community.

“Bill was a very hardworking man. He worked [Big Ed's Tires Pros] in Leonardtown, Md. He loved his job. He would do anything for everyone day or night,” Farrell said.

Before he died, Goldsborough had two stepchildren and was planning on marrying his fiancée in August. He also maintained a great relationship with his father, his fiancée said.

“He was a great stepfather to my two kids. They loved him with all their hearts, just like I did. We can not believe he is gone,” Farrell said. “Also, he was his parents’ baby. He and his dad did everything together. They worked on their family Oliver Tractor together.”

Although Goldsborough is gone, he continues to live on through his family and other loved ones. Currently, his family states that they're holding up well.

However, his best friend, James Connelly, started a GoFundMe page to raise money to help Bill’s parents with any expenses. To check out the GoFundMe page, click here.





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