Letter to the Editor - Calvert County Project Graduation 2020

Dear Editor: 

Congratulations Calvert County Class of 2020!  COVID-19 has changed how you will celebrate your graduation but no matter how or where it’s held be proud of your accomplishments and success.   

Many Calvert County high school seniors had planned to participate in Project Graduation, an alcoholfree and drug-free celebration held on graduation night sponsored by the Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse, Inc. (CAASA).  For 32 years, students participated in the program as a way to celebrate safely with their friends.  Transported by local bus drivers and bus contractors, they enjoyed hours of fun and food with the help of hundreds of volunteers, Optimist Club of Solomons, Optimist Club of Calvert and local law enforcement.  This year, the venues will be quiet, buses will remain parked, volunteers will stay home, and the celebrations will be hosted by family.  

Celebrating our graduates is important and we want our students to be safe.  We encourage those who are hosting parties not to encourage underage drinking or provide alcohol to those underage.  If you have a graduate planning to attend a party, have a conversation with them about the dangers of underage drinking and your expectations when it comes to consuming alcohol.  Don’t leave the safety of your child in the hands of their peers or an adult you don’t know.  Be sure you know where they are, who they are with and how they will get home.  Most importantly, be available should your graduate need a safe ride home.  

Enjoy this time with family and friends (COVID-19 style).  Celebrate and be safe! 





Debra L. Mister, President 

Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse, Inc.  

Board of Directors

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