Random act of kindness pays off

Mark Brickell of Huntingtown, Maryland reported a random act of kindness at the Huntingtown 7-Eleven off of Maryland Route 4 on Old Town Road.

“(Friday) I was at 7-Eleven grabbing some quick chow for a young man at school (around 10:45 a.m.),” Brickell said. “I realized that I didn’t have my wallet on me. “

Brickell asked the cashier if he could come back and pay for the food within an hour, although he did not expect a yes, he thought it was worth a try.

“I wasn’t excited or distraught,” he said. “(I) I just realized I’d have to run home and be late getting to the school.”

He said that is when a man, approximately 18-24, stepped up and said: “I got it, man.”

Brickell said, “Nah, man, you don’t have to do that.” The man told Brickell that it was not a big deal.

“That’s when I figured I’d just say ‘Thank you’ and enjoy the moment when some complete stranger did something decent,” Brickell said. He went onto say he tries to be kind to others as well and all good deeds come back around.

“Apparently, it does, (because) the day before I’d done (a) stranger a solid when his day went (badly),” he said.

Brickell said, “So here’s to the young fella who drives a Black Ford Focus, who thought nothing about being helpful to a stranger. (It) seems like I keep running into decent young men/women.”

Brickell said he is thankful for the kind young stranger and said he foresees that if the young man continues on his path of kindness, that good will continuously find him.

Any information that will lead to the public "thanking" of this young man can be reported to

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