Pax leadership continues communicating with military housing residents

NAS Patuxent River personnel living in military housing were invited to ask questions or express their concerns at a Town Hall meeting May 1, the second such meeting in the past two months.

The Navy is aggressively working to address unresolved complaints associated with housing, and on Feb. 23, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson directed command leadership everywhere to contact every Sailor residing in privatized or government housing to ask about their current living conditions.

“As we close out this initial surge in contact and visitation, I want to thank Navy leaders for reaching out to our Sailors and their families, listening to them, and addressing their housing concerns,” said Vice Adm. Mary Jackson, Commander, Navy Installations Command, in an article published on by CNIC Public Affairs.

Five partner companies operate more than 39,000 public private venture, or PPV, family housing units throughout the United States, including Hawaii. Locally, that PPV partner is Lincoln Military Housing (LMH).

Addressing attendees at the town hall were the Pax River commanding officer and command master chief, as well as representatives from both sides of military housing – the Department of the Navy and LMH.

“There were a number of questions asked in regard to maintenance issues and we’re attempting to get to them as best and as quickly as we can,” said DoN representative Ross Keene, housing director for NAS Patuxent River, who serves as a liaison between military housing residents and LMH.

Keene noted that is it not necessary for residents to wait for a town hall meeting to bring up any issues they may have.

“We have a two- step issue resolution already in place and they can follow that process,” he said. “Whatever the issue is, especially if it’s with a third-party vendor, we want to know quickly so follow-up can be made and a resolution can be found.”

The first step any resident should take if they have a complaint is to put in a work order by dialing the 24-hour toll free maintenance line at 888-578-4141, or by going online at

“When they do that, they’ll receive an email with a work order number that they can track on the website,” Keene explained.

If the issue is not resolved within a reasonable amount of time, the resident can then phone the LMH office at 240-895-0380 or call the government partner, which is Keene or one of his staff members, at 301-342-3846.

“We want to reiterate that resident satisfaction is our goal,” Keene said. “We want to make sure people are happy with their home, that it’s safe and habitable, and we’re all working together – DoN and Lincoln – to try to assure the residents that their needs and wants are our priority.”

LMH manages 749 homes on base in the Gold Coast, Carpenter Park and Lovell Cove; and off-base in Glenn Forest, Columbia Colony and Challenger Estates.

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