Vote to be held on new Twin Beaches library location

CHESAPEAKE BEACH, Md. - Site selection for the new Calvert Library Twin Beaches Branch will take another step forward on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 when the Calvert County Commissioners vote on the Board of Library Trustees (BOLT) site recommendation at their public meeting.  The BOLT is recommending the North Beach site on Third Street and Chesapeake Avenue.  There will be a feasibility study in fiscal year 2019 to ensure that the site can accommodate the 21st century facility the Twin Beaches community deserves.

According to BOLT President Martha Grahame, “The Chesapeake Beach offer was generous in that it included the continuation of $40,000 annual support funding plus in-kind support for landscaping, snow/ice removal, as well as waiving water and sewer fees. However, the accessibility of the Chesapeake Beach site is a challenge.  Summer is the library’s busiest and most congested time. That is true for the Gordon Stinnett property as well since the same parking and road are shared by the Marina, the Northeast Community Center, Kellam’s Field and the Chesapeake Beach Water Park.  The North Beach site has opportunities for access from several directions and is a site that will make the library a destination in its own right. These considerations ultimately made the North Beach site the first choice for the BOLT.”

The BOLT expressed appreciation for both towns’ engagement and responsiveness at every stage of the site review process.  Library Director, Carrie Plymire is finalizing a state grant proposal to help fund the new building.  Organizations in both Chesapeake Beach and North Beach have written letters of support for the grant.  Calvert Library looks forward to involving the Twin Beaches community in planning an inspiring library space for transforming lives and communities through lifelong learning.

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