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Hollywood, MD- There is nothing easy about being a military spouse. Cross-country moves, saying goodbye to friends, making new friends, helping the family start over and get settled in and, of course, the seemingly never-ending deployments. While many civilians couldn’t fathom having their spouse halfway around the world and in harm’s way, for military spouses, this is the only life we know.

Today is a day to say thank you to those spouses—it’s Military Spouse Appreciation Day. The day is designed to honor the contributions and the sacrifices made by military spouses. Service members depend on their spouses to keep everything under control while they’re away so they can focus on the mission at hand. Military spouses are the backbone of the families who support our troops.

These behind-the-scenes heroes keep things running by making sure the kids are focused on school, getting them to doctor’s appointments and sporting events, attending school meetings and functions, paying the bills and tracking the budget, and just making sure the household runs smoothly. And for most of us, we’re doing this without any outside help or nearby family.

The Friday before Mother’s Day was first recognized as Military Spouse Appreciation Day by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. He signed Proclamation 5184. “As volunteers, military spouses have provided exemplary service and leadership in educational, community, recreational, religious, social and cultural endeavors,” he wrote. “And as parents and homemakers, they preserve the cornerstone of our Nation’s strength—the American family.” Military Spouse Appreciation Day was officially designed as part of National Military Appreciation Month by Congress in 1999.

To all of my fellow military spouses, thank you for your unwavering support of your service member and your country!

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