Saluting the ‘See Something, Say Something Gang'

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Prince Frederick, MD – So where do we get all this news? I’m sure there are a few people who swear we make it up but, no, has demonstrated consistently—often backed up with photographs—that the stories are quite real. In addition to monitoring fire and police scanners, relying on various professional public information officers and other encountered sources with credible information, many of our readers also lend a hand. It’s time we gave them a hand for what they do.

What goes on in our community is our business. When sirens sound, when emergency vehicles race through our streets, when police officers show up at a business or in a neighborhood people have a right to know what all the commotion is about and how it might impact them or someone they know.

With our small staff we cannot be everywhere and now that the news cycle is 24 hours, seven days a week, the task of keeping up with major news is a challenge. That’s why getting an assist from conscientious readers is so appreciated. If big neighborhood news is not appropriately vetted it becomes rumor and might be exaggerated when told several times. The all-volunteer army that gives us news tips starts the fact-finding process. When a news story first occurs it is often in such a fluid state that even responders aren’t quite sure what they are handling. takes its role as a conduit quite seriously. The news tipsters have demonstrated through their contacting us that they believe we will handle what they have reported appropriately.

Now, is this human information network unique? Not really. News agencies all over the world rely on anonymous tipsters who work in other professions to spark the information process and have for decades. Is there really a need to know everything right away? The effort should always be made. If Paul Revere had waited until the morning of April 19, 1775 to tell his neighbors, “oh, by the way, the British came last night,” nobody would remember his name. In fact his neighbors might have flogged him. If a motor vehicle crash is causing major delays, a house fire is blocking the entrance to a neighborhood or displacing a family—if any incident could have a domino effect on life in our community—if we know about it we feel compelled to report it quickly.

So, to our “See Something, Say Something Gang”—Steve, Joe, Cindi, Crystal, Laura, Terry—and all the others who continue to help us keep the region in the loop, our sincerest salute. To all our readers, thank you for reading!

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