Letter from the Editor—Thanks for (most of) the comments

Hollywood, MD - It may surprise a handful of you but we at actually enjoy and look forward to reading the comments on various stories that are submitted by those who register for submissions. If it’s venting you wish to do, it’s far better you do it in print rather than take your wrath out on live creatures or expensive property. But what we really like are provocative, well-formed opinions that might take an opposing point of view or offer creative, constructive criticism of us or a previous poster. Bear in mind, we said “creative, constructive.” Snarkiness is not creativity. However, such comments often get approved provided they are inoffensive.

It’s clear that some people who submit comments are miffed when their remarks don’t make it to the comments section. What could possibly have happened to prompt that? You ask. Allow me to try to tell you. These kinds of comments are likely to not get approved.

1. Comments whining about a previous comment or comments that didn’t get approved. Do we have to explain this one?

2. Blatant threats directed at anyone mentioned in the article or others commenting. This is also self-explanatory.

3. Anything blatantly racist. Those of you obsessed with other peoples’ skin color really need to get your own web site. We have started catching on to the code (initials) that some of these would-be posters use. Those comments are discarded.

4. Duplicate comments.

5. Comments containing links. Sometimes people are trying to post a link to their business site. That’s what has an advertising department for.

6. Anything deemed cruel relating to a sensitive story.

7. Anything with strong, offensive profanity (“damn” or “hell”—although Mother wouldn’t approve—usually won’t draw a flag but the F-bomb and any vulgar slang, such as those directed at women ALWAYS will).

8. Comments that are maliciously critical of our advertisers. This business doesn’t exist without advertisers. If you have had a bad experience with any local business—advertiser or non-advertiser--we urge you to resolve it by speaking with their management. The savviest business people in this region and beyond know forging a bond with local customers is crucial to their success. 

Note: Our comments policies on the site and on Facebook are different. However, regarding Facebook, our staff won’t hesitate to hide comments that we feel go beyond the pale.

Just a gentle, friendly reminder that when we flag a submitted comment we are not trampling on your freedom of speech, we are guarding and valuing our freedom of speech by demonstrating discretion. staff values our rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and all here understand the responsibilities that come with using that right.

A reminder that each of our bylined writers includes his or her email address at the bottom of each story and your feedback is always welcome!

Thank you again for reading We look forward to hearing from you!

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