Man who committed robberies throughout region sentenced

La Plata, MD - For 45-year-old Louis Eugene Messineo, a series of robberies has landed him not only in hot water, but in jail.

Messineo was sentenced by Charles Count Circuit Court Judge Amy J. Bragunier Wednesday, May 27 to consecutive three-year sentences for a series of robberies carried out by the defendant and two co-defendants in the spring of 2013.

Charles County Assistant State’s Attorney Jeremy Widder told the court that the two other co-defendants in the cases have taken plea bargains. Messineo was the last of the three.

The two separate cases were outlined by Widder, who said the first victim was an ex-girlfriend of the defendant.

“He had called her earlier in the day asking for money,” Widder explained. “When she came home she discovered her house had been broken into and items were missing.”

Widder noted that the robbers took stolen televisions to Prince George’s County where they sold them for money to purchase heroin.

The second burglary was more serious, he said, because the victim lost expensive jewelry and a number of firearms.

“The victim was a stranger to Mr. Messineo, but the granddaughter living there was a friend of one of the co-defendants,” Widder said.

He added the items were taken to an Adam Howard of La Plata, “in this case a fence,” Widder said. A search warrant was eventually served at Howard’s address, where police recovered some of the items. Howard and the other two co-defendants all pled and are set for sentencing, Widder added.

The victim in the second robbery, Richard Madden, told the court that one of the items the thieves stole was a $10,000 piece of jewelry he bought for his wife on their wedding anniversary.

“State Farm only paid me $3,200,” Madden said. He said his granddaughter had lived with them for 17 years and knew where everything was. Madden added that his wife is now in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s.

“She treated our granddaughter really good,” he stated. “I don’t think she should get off more than anybody else. She did the crime, she should do the time.”

“So we have a ring of folks going up and down Southern Maryland, robbing people to support their heroin habit,” Widder stressed.

“For the most part, I understand Mr. Widder’s concerns,” said Charles County Public Defender Michele Harewood. “My viewpoint is different. I don’t agree with Mr. Widder,” she said.

Harewood said she was curious as to what her client’s co-defendants received in their plea agreements.

“You’d better believe I’m going to ask what the co-defendants got,” Bragunier said.

Messineo apologized to the court.

“I’m responsible for my own actions,” he said.

Bragunier sentenced the defendant to two consecutive 20 years sentences at the Maryland Department of Corrections, with all but three years suspended in each case, along with five years of supervised probation upon his release. She also ordered him to undergo jail-based drug treatment.

Messineo also faces similar charges in St. Mary’s County.

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