Man sentenced to five years for second time

Charles R. Beggs

Leonardtown, MD -- A St. Mary’s County man with a lot of jail time hanging over his head finally had a string of probation violations catch up with him. Charles Beggs, 32, who was originally sentenced to five years in jail in 2005 for attempted armed robbery was sentenced May 4 to another five years for violating probation in the case. The sentence was imposed by Judge Karen Abrams in St. Mary’s County Circuit Court.

According to court records, Beggs has had a number of different residences in recent years, including Lexington Park, Leonardtown, Park Hall, Callaway and Ridge.

Beggs pled guilty on November 7, 2005 to the attempted armed robbery of Capt. Pats Kitchen on Route 249 in Callaway. Beggs, according to charging papers, entered the establishment wearing pantyhose over his head and brandishing a piece of metal that looked like a gun. He attempted to rob the proprietor William Hoffman. Beggs had two co-conspirators in the crime.

In 2010, after being released from jail, Beggs was charged with driving with a suspended license, but his five-years of supervised probation was not violated at that time. Since then he has had a string of violations for failing to report to his agent and failing to report for urinalysis. He also admitted to his agent that he had been using marijuana.

The original crime allegedly occurred to secure money for Beggs’ cocaine habit. The total sentence for the guilty plea was 15 years, but all but five years was suspended. Assistant State’s Attorney Julie White noted at the May 4 sentencing hearing that Beggs had gotten a break with that five-year sentence.

Beggs’ attorney, public defender Ryan Posey said his client has never had the benefit of treatment programs and asked that Beggs be sentenced to local time (18 months) so he could afford himself of that opportunity. Posey said Beggs is a hard worker but he keeps struggling with his problems. “He keeps going down a rat hole,” Posey said.

Beggs apologized to Judge Abrams. “I have a drug problem,” he admitted to her, adding, “I need treatment.”

Judge Abrams said her problem with the case was that Beggs has had plenty of time since the original conviction in 2005 to seek out treatment on his own but has failed to do so.

In imposing the five year additional sentence, Judge Abrams said that after Beggs has served a year of that time his attorney Posey can file a motion to seek to get his client into some long-term drug treatment program. That decision, the judge said, would have to be made by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

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