Indictments handed down in break-in, gun thefts

Prince Frederick, MD  - Five people involved with a conspiracy to steal weapons and sell them have been indicted by a grand jury in Calvert County, court documents stated.

Among the indictments are those handed down against the perpetrators of a break-in that occurred last December at a residence on Rosemary Drive in Chesapeake Beach. The pair has been identified in court documents as Raymond Paul Mandley, 24 and Daniel Jordan Clay, 23, both of North Beach.

Both Mandley and Clay face charges of first-degree burglary, theft between $1,000 and $10,000, conspiracy to commit first-degree burglary, and conspiracy to possess, sell, transfer or dispose a stolen regulated firearm. The first two counts are felonies.

The weapons, which were stolen from a home occupied by Mandley’s brother and mother, include a Glock 26 .45 caliber semi-automatic, a Smith & Wesson M&P .40 caliber semi-automatic and a Smith & Wesson stainless .50 caliber revolver. Court documents stated other items stolen numerous boxes of ammunition plus a money jar containing $300 worth of various silver U.S. coins.

According to court documents, Mandley’s mother told investigators she believed her son (Mandley, pictured left) was responsible for breaking into the home. Detective Wayne Wells stated the woman told him Handley “has stolen items from there [house] before and that’s why he doesn’t live there anymore.”

The owner of the guns told Wells that a few days before the alleged break-in “a strange car showed up at his house.” A man matching Clay’s description “knocked on his front door and asked for Raymond.”

A lookout was posted for the vehicle Dec. 29, which was located in North Beach. Clay (pictured right) was identified as the driver. When interviewed at his residence a few days later, Wells stated Clay “displayed serious signs of being ill. He couldn’t sit up, always laying down sweating profusely.” Clay admitted to driving Mandley to the Rosemary Drive residence on the day of the alleged burglary-theft. The following day, Mandley confessed to Calvert Investigation Bureau officers that he had entered the home through an unlocked door and subsequently located and removed a duffle bag containing the weapons.

According to court documents, Mandley and Clay then drove to a location in Fair Haven to meet with an individual—identified by authorities as Edward D. Viens, 29 of Lothian—to exchange the guns for several grams of heroin.

Between Dec. 31 and Feb. 23, two additional perpetrators—identified as Tammy Starr Lynn Dorsey, 49; and Mark E. Robinson, 52; both of North Beach—allegedly conspired to sell the weapons. In addition to being indicted on conspiracy charges, Dorsey and Robinson, who were each previously convicted on assault charges, were indicted for unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition, court documents stated.

Viens was named in the indictments on two counts of being an accessory and one count of conspiracy to possess, sell, transfer or dispose of a stolen firearm. 

Mandley, Clay, Dorsey and Robinson all have pretrial hearings scheduled for July 13 in Calvert County Circuit Court. Criminal jury trials for the charges are tentatively scheduled for late October.

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