Bank robbery accomplice sent back to jail

Martha R. Thompson

Leonardtown, MD -- A bank employee convicted of providing inside information used in an armed robbery has been sentenced to the portion of her original sentence that was suspended. Martha Thompson, 31, of Lexington Park was sentenced May 11 to eight-and-a-half years in jail after pleading guilty to violating her probation in the original sentence. That sentence totaled 10 years, but the eight-and-a-half years was suspended.

On April 13 Thompson admitted to violating her probation by failing to report to her agent for more than a year and failing to make restitution in the case.

Thompson was arrested in June of 2009 in connection with the August 2004 armed robbery of Cedar Point Federal Credit Union in Leonardtown. According to reports at the time of her arrest, “Thompson was a bank employee and provided inside information to aid in the completion of the robbery.”

She was convicted of conspiracy to commit robbery in April of 2012 after pleading guilty.

Thompson’s attorney, public defender Sean Moran, urged Circuit Court Judge Michael Stamm to consider sentencing his client to the local detention center because she had three children and their child care situation was settled. That would have meant a sentence of no more than 18 months.

Thompson explained her failure to report and attend therapy session by saying, “I have a lot going on.” She said she missed therapy because she was at work.

Thompson’s parole agent and Assistant State’s Attorney Daniel White both urged the judge to impose the back-up time.

“You can’t escape what you promised,” Judge Stamm said about the original break-in which she had the bulk of her sentence suspended. “You made certain promises,” he noted. Judge Stamm said she was allowed on probation to give her an opportunity to “help yourself.”

The judge said of the restitution, “The victims are being ignored. Now you are here because you didn’t do what you were supposed to do.”

“I wish I didn’t have to do this,” Judge Stamm told Thompson. “You put yourself in this position.

The judge gave Thompson until the end of the day to turn herself in so she could get her affairs in order for a long stay in the state penal system. The judge did recommend she be sent to Patuxent Institution, which is known to have better treatment and rehabilitation programs.

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