Buckeye Donkey Ball a Crazy Good Time

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On Saturday, May 15, Mechanicsville Volunteer Rescue Squad held the most fun fundraiser of all when two teams comprised of VRS players play an elimination tournament against volunteers from the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Office and St. Mary’s Emergency Communications Dept.

In three of the craziest ball games ever players bucked and jumped and ‘heehawed’ in a fiercely hilarious fashion until only one team survived the action.

Mechanicsville RS players lost to the Sheriff’s volunteers and to the Emergency Communications Dept. in early elimination games, pitting Sheriff’s against Communications for the final contest of the day. In that final game the teams ended up in a tie and a donkey riding contest determined the winner.

Players had to start at home plate and ride donkeys to the first base. Well, according to Chief Marie Kurtz, no one could get the donkeys to cooperate and the contest ended when Sheriff’s Office volunteers managed to push, pull and cajole their donkeys at least close to the mound.

“We had a blast and raised money for the rescue squad,” said Kurtz. She indicated that the donkeys were their stubborn selves and everyone in attendance laughed their way through the afternoon. Kurtz told that the donkey’s come from a company from Ohio, and because of the success of this event, Donkey Ball will become an annual event.

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