St. Mary's Hospital Receives BECA Award

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St. Mary’s Hospital is the proud recipient of the BECA Lifetime Sponsorship Award from 1989-2009. The award recognized the hospital for its support, dedication and commitment to the success of students and schools of St. Mary’s County. The hospital received the award on March 13.

The hospital, a founding member of BECA, has given generously of its facilities and resources over its 20-year sponsorship, said Bob Schaller, BECA president and director of Economic and Community Development for St. Mary’s County Government. Hospital employees have continuously volunteered their time to assist with preparing and finalizing scholarship applications.
Established in 1989, the Business, Education and Community Alliance Inc. (BECA) helps build partnerships involving local businesses, the broader community and the school system to improve students’ success in school and enhance educational opportunities in St. Mary’s County, according to its website. 
BECA’s two key programs include Passport to the Future, an award earned by high school students for academic achievement, citizenship and attendance; and Passport to Scholarships, which has awarded more than $50,000 in scholarships to students who earned at least five Passports to the Future in high school.

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