A Refreshing Alternative for Ailing Senior Citizens

It is a fact of human life. People are born, they grow up, raise a family, work, retire and, if they live long enough have to taken care of by their children late in life. Often being taken care of, especially with an illness such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Leukemia or more, means living out the rest of life in a nursing home.

Enter The Villages of Taylor Farm, a bright, cheerful, pleasant alternative to a nursing home. Tucked away in western St. Mary’s County’s beautiful Bushwood, the facility does not resemble any other assisted living facility.
In an interview with the owners and founders, Glenn and Kathy Taylor some interesting facts were revealed. The most striking information was the care provider to patient ratio. At Taylor Farm, there is one care provider for every four patients – an unparalleled level of care.
Kathy Taylor, who spent five years working in a Prince George’s County Nursing Home told, “Most nursing homes have maybe 15 to 20 patients to each caregiver. When I would try to work and take care of that many patients, it was difficult or even impossible to do.” She went on to say that when one of the other caregivers called in sick, each remaining caregiver would be have seven or eight more patients assigned to them.
The Taylor’s decided to start The Villages of Taylor Farms in 2003 after coming to the stark realization that there had to be a better way to provide for the elderly who had no where else to turn but to a nursing home.
“We take in people that require all levels of care,” stated Glenn Taylor. He went on to state that unlike most nursing home, Taylor Farms cares for their patients to the end of their life. “We have a contract with Hospice which allows us to give out high level of care to our residents, making them comfortable and keeping their environment pleasant right until their death.”
The small facility has facilities enough for 24 residents, which consists of three residences for eight senior each. ”We have staff on hand 24 hours a day as well,” stated Kathy Taylor.
The Villages at Taylor Farms is an open, airy, beautiful facility. On the day of the interview, some residents were receiving hair treatments and the friendly staff was flittering around making sure that each resident was comfortable and happy.
“We have people that come in for activities as well,” said Kathy Taylor. “The residents are led through art classes, exercises, can talk walks, pet our animals and many other fun things to do.” The facility also provides entertainment for residents on a regular basis. “The Mennonites come and sing and David Norris comes to entertain on a regular basis.
The advantage of a small facility such as The Villages of Taylor Farms is more than just the clean, airy friendly environment, it is also the reduced cost to residents. “We are about $1400 less expensive than an average nursing home that offers only semi-private rooms. Each of our residents enjoys a private room and the very best in care,” said Glenn Taylor. He went on to say that in

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