St. Mary's Sheriff names Civilian of the Year

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The following individual has been selected as Civilian of the Year 2006.  She has proven herself to be an asset to the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office.

During the year of 2006 June Smith has consistently performed her job with such efficiency the entire agency benefited. Ms. Smith has many responsibilities to include monthly validations required through the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).  Each month she is required to do validation checks on 143 entries (stolen items, missing people, and warrants).  She supervises five (5) station clerks including scheduling, leave issues, budget matters, time sheets, complaints on her personnel, etc.  Ms. Smith is directly involved in the hiring and training of new station clerks.  She conducts daily quality control checks on entries made by her station clerks.  One of her most time consuming duties is the Mobile Data Terminal Project. This is a major undertaking to get the entire agency up and running which requires getting all sworn officers scheduled and trained to be NCIC operators.  This certification also requires frequent scheduling for recertification.  As with anything, being certified does not mean a complete understanding or competence in operating the system, so she is teaching operating procedures.  The scheduling of more than 100 officers to attend this training is in itself an enormous task. 

The job functions listed individually may not on the surface seem all that time consuming or difficult, however, when combined the position could easily require a few assistants. While handling all of her responsibilities, Ms. Smith has frequently handled staffing shortages by handling station clerk duties herself regardless of shift or day of the week. Even when doing this she has been able to continue performing her daily assignments.  Throughout all of this she has been pleasant to deal with and is exceptionally reliable when given an assignment. 

I am sure some of her responsibilities and duties she performs have been left out because they are always done and there is never a reason to take notice. She is not the type of person that needs to point out that she has completed a project or a daily assignment.  Ms. Smith simply moves forward with her various duties with no need for additional attention. In describing June Smith I would use the following words with great frequency – dependability (never uses sick leave), productivity (see above), responsibility (trusted to get the above listed done), and above all thoughtfulness.

Sheriff Timothy K. Cameron takes great pleasure in recognizing Ms. June L. Smith as Civilian of the Year 2006 for her commitment to the agency and the citizens of St. Mary’s County.

Timothy K. Cameron
St. Mary’s County,


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