It’s The Latham Family! An Interview With The Charles County Family Feud Contestants

A zoom call with the family from earlier this week with Zach Hill from

INDIAN HEAD, Md. — We have a good one for you tonight! From Charles County, it’s the “Latham Family.”

The family had their first audition back in August of 2019 but will finally get to see themselves on-screen for the first time next Tuesday night.

Dean Latham, Taylor Latham, Donald Latham, Justin Lucas, and Jimmy Kane recently sat down with to talk about their experience and all the emotions that came with the trip.

But how this family got their big break was surprising even for them.

“I always sat in the living room and played with my wife once we got married. And then one day, I was just scrolling on Facebook, and I saw that there were auditions coming to the Washington D.C. area,” Justin, Dean’s nephew said. “So I texted the family and said, ‘I'm pretty sure we could make a pretty good team and make this work.’”

And it turned out that Justin was correct. Between two days of tryouts over that weekend and what the family estimated were thousands of other contestants, the “Latham Family” put themselves on the producer's radar.

“The [producer] who was in our room actually got done, and she came down the hall and said ‘y'all did really good, I think you're going to make it.’”

“Then just a waiting game after that,” Taylor, Dean's daughter added.

The family would get the notice that they made it into the “active file” just one month after their audition, and the wait would begin. After originally thinking they would film in the spring of 2020, the global pandemic, unfortunately, caused a slight delay.

They eventually got the call that the five of them were being flown to Atlanta, Georgia, to film during the summer of 2020. It was a slight change from how people are traditionally flown to Hollywood, California, with additional family members.

“I don't think there has ever been a reason for the five of us to ever go on a vacation together,” Jimmy, Dean’s son-in-law said. “So it's kind of cool for us all to be forced, for lack of a better word, into a trip together without spouses. So it was kind of neat that we got to experience that together.”

But the jitters did not stop at the studio. Even once they made it inside Tyler Perry Studios, there was no guarantee that they would get on the big screen.

“It's kind of nerve-racking there because you made it that far, but you don't want to get sent home without getting on TV,” Jimmy continued.

Their turn eventually came, and they got to share the stage with Steve Harvey while they shot the episode. Although some things changed from COVID-19, such as spacing and other safety precautions, the family said Harvey kept the contestants laughing with jokes and made them feel comfortable.

When asked if Harvey found a way to poke fun at any of them, the family seemed to turn to Donald. Jimmy then described Donald as “a legend,” saying that he thinks he became “America’s uncle” to the other families there.

“I made [Harvey] laugh a couple of times,” Donald, Dean’s younger brother said. “Because, as I told people, it's a lot easier when I'm at home in my recliner.”

The community has already started showing its support and excitement for the family. The Potomac Heights Fire Department and Rescue Squad posted the following message to their Facebook page:

People can tune in to watch the Latham Family at 8:30 p.m. on May 4th on Fox 5/WDCA in the Washington D.C. television market. If you are not in the Washington DC area, you can check your local listings by going to

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