Trash, debris, collected during Cobb Island cleanup

Cobb Island, MD - Spring cleaning is not just for the interior of a home. It’s also an outdoor activity. A large brigade of volunteers got busy cleaning up the shorelines of one of Southern Maryland’s gems—Cobb Island. On Saturday, April 6, volunteers met at an island coffee shop—The Cove—and set out to spruce up an area of the Middle Potomac Watershed.

According to volunteer organizer Anna Pence, the volunteer force was 73 people this year. In 2017, the volunteer force was 16. “This is major progress and I’m super happy about it,” said Pence. “We were also able to clean the entire island along with Cobb Island Road for the first time in about 10 years. We collected 61 bags of trash, five tires, 40 pieces of pressure treated lumber, two 50 gallon barrels, chairs, umbrellas, balls and old crab pots.”

The Cobb Island project is one of several cleanups scheduled for April in Charles County.

“I would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting our community,” Pence stated. “I would also like to give a huge thank you to Kona Ice for offering free ices, The Cove for offering discounts for all volunteers, the Charles County Sheriff’s Office and Officer Hancock for bringing some of their officers to help clean up, Charles County Commissioner BJ Bowling for coming to help, Upward Sports for announcing and participating in the cleanup after their games, Cobb Island 4-H, Boy Scouts from Cobb Island, La Plata Cub Scouts 423, Girl Scouts from Waldorf and all of the citizens from our area.”

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