No For 2019 But Will Maryland Welcome Sports Betting In 2021?

Annapolis, MD - A few weeks have passed since the Maryland General Assembly batted down any progression towards legalizing sports betting in the state, with it now meaning that the earliest this could be taxed and authorized is 2021.

It’s a step that could see the state fall hugely behind neighboring states and the rest of the USA as many look to join the eight that already have sports and online betting legislated. Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller said the move gives other states a head start, which could ultimately hamper them financially should a bill ever get passed.

There has been a huge boom in revenue in many states following the arrival of sports betting, with the excitement and the ability for customers to take a no deposit free bet and many other welcome offers enticing new gaming fans. Such has been the increase in New Jersey, it even outperformed Nevada in the early stages of year welcoming $385 million bet on sports, providing a significant income for the state from taxes.

Neighboring New York looks set to open up their arms to online sports betting within the next year, while West Virginia and Pennsylvania already have passed bills, leaving Maryland trailing by a number of years.

Gambling already brings a significant amount of money into Maryland’s coffers, with the six casinos across the state bringing in over $150 million per month, equating to around $60million in tax. That figure would be significantly increased should a bill be passed.

It was put forward that Maryland would receive 20 percent of all revenue, with a $300,000 license fee which would be broken down into education funds, local impact grants and a pot to help problem gamblers.

That won’t happen for some time however, with it likely needing a public referendum to push anything over the line. With no statewide elections planned for this year, the earliest that could happen is 2020, with all referendums currently having to be approved in the General Assembly, an avenue already against the motion.

That means that should sports betting progress in Maryland, it will likely be two years minimum before anything can be passed. But even that could be false hope for those wanting to welcome the industry, and the dozens of companies wishing to operate in the state.

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