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Alexandria, VA - In Southern Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC, people are on the go all the time. Some people receive assignments to distant places for an extended period of time due to being employed by the federal government or armed forces. For others, employment may permanently transfer them out of the area. Whether it’s a job transfer or temporary deployment, homeowners are often concerned about the safety of their home while away. For over a quarter of a century, Wilkinson Property Management has provided high quality property management services, leasing and sales in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

“We take care of everything,” stated Patrick Fogarty of the Wilkinson Property Management team. “We, find qualified tenants using a thorough screening process, collect and distribute rent to owners, take care of all maintenance and emergency issues, and a lot more. Our management services are for busy people who don’t want the headache of being a landlord and, for peace of mind”

Some homeowners may think that procuring property management services is an arduous process. The Wilkinson team works diligently to make the transition procedures go smoothly. “We are very efficient and can get a property on the market within 2 business days of signing the contract” says Fogarty.  He says the best way to get started is with a thorough presentation at the client’s home.  Here the property is looked over to make sure it is market ready, the contract is discussed in detail, and all questions and concerns are addressed. 

The work of the Wilkinson team that follows is extremely thorough. For example, the property is inspected before the tenant moves in (with many photos for documentation) and re-inspected for any damage when the renter moves out. The team takes repair calls from tenants, including after hour emergencies. Wilkinson creates and maintains relationships with qualified vendors including painters, roofers, electricians, plumbers, appliance repairmen, handymen and other specialists. There is no surcharge for routine maintenance and repairs. Saving money for owners is a high priority and Wilkinson PM saves time, money and aggravation with a robust maintenance process.  Included with management are accounting services for each property that ensures a maximum return on investment and optimum tax benefits.  Just about all the costs associated with management are tax deductible once the home is converted to a rental, so that often, even though there is a loss it can turn back into a gain!

“We know the business inside and out,” said Fogarty, who stressed phone calls and email inquiries receive a quick response. Wilkinson Property Management may be reached at 410-449-7858 or email

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