President Trump Takes Action


(Annapolis)  Watching the images of innocent civilians, including children, in Syria killed from the illegal use of sarin gas horrified the world this week.  “President Donald Trump took decisive action sending a clear message that the world will not sit by and watch innocent people killed,” said Delegate Kathy Szeliga.  She continued,  “Thank you President Trump for your leadership and action that did not endanger any US troops and, hopefully, destroyed the ability for future attacks by these brutal terrorists.”  
Sarin gas is thought to be the chemical weapon used in this attack.  It was banned globally 20 years ago as a weapon of mass destruction.  In 2013, sarin killed as many as 1,400 innocent civilians in a suburb of Damascus, Syria.  After this brutal attack and global outrage, Syria agreed to hand over a stockpile of 2.8 million pounds of toxic weapons and to disable their chemical weapons program.  “Clearly, Syria cannot be trusted and President Trump stepped in before more innocent lives are lost to hollow promises and lies by rogue leaders,” concluded Delegate Szeliga

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