Help this beautiful cat find a home!

Leonardtown, MD - Mittens is looking for help.... She would love to find her own family with someone that could help her when she has a little itch in her left ear or cheek. Mittens has three legs and when she has an itch on her left side, she just can't quite reach it!

What does Mittens bring to your home? At 3 years old, she's a lover! She doesn't get on the kitchen counters (she can't quite jump that high), she can get on the couch or bed if it's not too high, and if you want her there she would gladly use something to jump onto first.

Mittens is also declawed on both her front legs so if she shares her home with a dog, it needs to be one that is totally okay with cats. Mittens might not be okay with other cats, so far she has only hissed at the other cats in the house. (Mittens does like to sneak out the door so you have to watch that, that "might" be why she only has 3 legs!)

Please contact Kathy at today to meet this wonderful cat and bring some special loving to your home!

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