Does the pay wage gap really exist?


pay wage gap

Unless women fight for it, and we fight for it by supporting and encouraging the women in our lives to pursue better pay, there will never be such a thing as equal pay. 

In a January Freakonomics radio transcription,  The True Story of the Gender Pay Gap, the idea that maybe it is more than just gender that keeps the pay wage gap open is discussed.

When men and women with the same educational and work experience take on the same job (and are able to invest the same amount of time and energy into their work), they're paid the same amount 95 percent of the time.

According to these CNN articles, younger women are asking for more upfront. Another cites that education levels hurt how much a woman is getting paid, or that women are not asking for pay increases like men are.

One article points to the possibility that race may have something to do with the gap. Another suggests that as women age, the pay wage gap gets bigger.

I wonder if these women ever got the courage to ask for more money, or if they were content with receiving little pay while younger, less qualified individuals snapped up the extra income. 

To women, it seems to me that they think there is more to life than a paycheck. The majority probably believe they are responsible for the well-being of their family, and they are willing to take on more flexible work or part time work to take care of their loved ones. Companies do not want to invest in employees who aren't committed to their cause, no matter the industry.

Because women are more likely to be caregivers, employers (more often than not) will take that into consideration when investing in potential employees. They may consider it loss of production if a woman has to leave to take care of family members, and they won't pay her as much if she's going to leave. 

I firmly believe that taking care of family members is a thankless job, and it's probably one of the most difficult jobs you can do because you will face far more criticism than praise as a caregiver.

I believe that women should have more confidence when taking an initial salary or asking for a pay raise. Believe that the quality of your work will speak for you! Don't let your nagging worries eat you up from the inside. Fight it!

Pay attention to shop talk in the office. If your boss has a need that hasn't been met, do yourself a favor and work with them on the issue. If you prove you're a valuable employee by helping them get their job done, it only helps you on your path to a bigger paycheck. Your train of thought concerning your boss should be "What can I do to help you help me?"

If women want to make it in our world, they should take on more strategic character traits.  Be persistent in your quest for better pay. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want: You are the only one that really cares what the numbers are.

To us, there is no reason why we shouldn't ask for more money because we deserve to be paid for our efforts. All the time we spent training for the job and all of the time after that... I want my money and I want it now. I can't feed myself on good intentions.

For the most part, we cannot have flexible or part time work and still support a family. We are a different kind of caretaker, usually taking over the financial responsibilities of caring for our loved ones. This includes working longer hours away from our families or taking on multiple jobs to ensure that the family quality of life doesn't suffer.

However, a good man will choose to help around the house and with their families instead of moaning and groaning that they work all the time and can't help out. How lame are you if you cannot help your wife raise the family you helped create? While our role as a caregiver is different, it shouldn't excuse us from being an active part of the family.

A good husband should not only be able to support his family, but should also encourage his wife to take on a career if she wants to. Be willing to work more equally in the home, and stand with her on her decision to have a career.

If you have the chance to encourage a woman to believe that she is worth a pay raise, you'll be a happy man.

Also, having two incomes for one house is always a good thing. 

Some may read this and sigh, "The world just isn't fair."

And I say to you, "Fair is the place you take your children to get a corn dog or funnel cake."

Fight for what you want. Don't let your gender hold you back.

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