April 27 Horoscope


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ARIES: Are you feeling playful today, Aries? Your romantic partner will certainly appreciate your fun-loving mood by planning a fun day together doing something other than your usual routine. How about lunch and a visit to a museum or art gallery instead of the same dinner and a movie? You have both been working very hard lately. Your relationship will benefit from it.

TAURUS: Don't be surprised if you have a desire to redecorate, as the celestial energies have put you in the mood to rearrange your house a bit. Don't go overboard, Taurus. You have a tendency to turn little projects into big ones. For now, buying some flowering plants, new area rugs and throw pillows should do the trick. Leave the bigger projects for another day.

GEMINI: You should answer all phone calls and open all letters and emails today, Gemini. You might receive some interesting news. You could get word from a former boss that you'd be perfect for a new position opening up at your old office. Or perhaps an old lover makes tentative inquiries about renewing old bonds. Expect the unexpected!

CANCER: Just as a watched pot never boils, so, too, do anxiously awaited checks or letters refuse to arrive in the mail, Cancer. Beyond double-checking that the person or company has your correct address, there isn't much you can do but continue to wait. Trust that it will arrive shortly, and your troubles should be behind you.

LEO: No doubt you're feeling attractive and passionate today, Leo! Don't be surprised if a former lover gets in touch with you to try and rekindle the old flame. The attention is flattering, to be sure, but you're unlikely to have any desire to pursue the relationship. You're happy with what you have right now.

VIRGO: As you get older, you're drawn more and more to spiritual matters, Virgo. It's more along the lines of the supernatural and some of the ancient arts. Take some time today to visit the library or bookstore and do some reading on the subject. You might want to form a study group with other like-minded individuals. Feel free to explore.

LIBRA: Don't hesitate to try something new today, Libra. If you've thought about joining a book club or taking a class, do it today! You're likely to meet some interesting people and enter a new social world. You might be tentative at first, but you'll find the group warm, friendly, and eager for your input. You'll talk like old friends by the end of the second meeting. 

SCORPIO: You're likely to feel optimistic and enthusiastic about life today, Scorpio. You might also feel especially sexy, a feeling you should definitely take advantage of! Why not plan a romantic evening with your loved one? Don't hesitate to talk about your travel dreams over dinner, because they might just might share your dreams. Before you know it, the two of you could be winging your way to exotic lands.

SAGITTARIUS: Today is full of possibilities, Sagittarius. You could fall in love at first sight, or at least meet someone who captures your interest! You should be feeling especially loving, passionate, and eager to devote yourself to a worthy cause or creative activity. Don't expect everything to fall into place right away, as you could hit a few obstacles, but the ultimate result will be worth the bumps along the way.

CAPRICORN: You're looking beautiful and feeling passionate, Capricorn! If only your passions could be reciprocated... Even though there may not be anyone special in your life right now, that's no reason to not treat yourself.  Go out for a nice meal or, better yet, order take-out and dine at home, complete with music, candles, and your finest china. You should appreciate yourself even if no one else does at the moment.

AQUARIUS: This could be a frustrating day in the romance department, Aquarius. Communication is blocked at all levels. You're anxious to speak with your loved one, but simply can't reach him or her. You feel as though the Universe is conspiring against you. Take heart. Your partner will contact you soon enough, and your reunion will be electric!

PISCES: You have certainly felt better than you do today, Pisces. We'll pause here while you go and fetch the aspirin. The stomachache and headache are simply the result of recent overindulgence. Don't worry - you'll be fit as a fiddle by tomorrow morning. 

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