Man to face sentencing for sex abuse of a minor

La Plata, MD - A Waldorf man will face sentencing May 19 in Charles County Circuit Court after agreeing to an Alford Plea to two counts of third-degree sexual assault of a minor.

Randy Albert Moore Jr., 30, submitted the plea before Judge Helen I. Harrington Monday, April 13.

The first count, according to Charles County Assistant State’s Attorney Jonathan Beattie, stemmed from an incident in which Moore allegedly placed his hand down the shorts of a 10-year-old victim.

“The victim asked the defendant to stop and the defendant did stop, then drove the victim home,” Beattie stated.

The prosecutor said the victim suffers short-term memory loss as a result of the incident which occurred when the boy was 10 and Moore was 28.

The second incident, he asserted, came to light when the Charles County Sheriff’s Office was contact by the Department of Social Services to investigate a child sexual abuse complaint.

While the child was watching a video with his parents, some sexual material was seen by the young boy who “knew what they were doing,” Beattie said. “He told his parents, ‘that’s what he and Uncle Randy do.”

Harrington told Moore that the charges he face could bring a sentence of 25 years, but that as a result of the plea the state had agreed that he would face no more than three years of active incarceration.

An Alford Plea allows the defendant to not admit guilt, but accepts that the state could produce incriminating evidence if the matter had gone to trial.

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