Man violates probation, gets one year in DOC

La Plata, MD - Derrick Aubin Burch, 22, of Waldorf, indicted by a Charles County Grand Jury in 2011, was charged with drug possession with intent to distribute, marijuana possession, possession of narcotics production equipment, driving or attempting to drive under the influence of alcohol, driving or attempting to drive under the influence of alcohol per se and driving or attempting to drive while impaired by alcohol for events that occurred.

Monday, April 27, Burch was back in court before Charles County Circuit Court Judge H. James West for a violation of probation.

Charles County Assistant State’s Attorney Francis Granados told the court Burch was facing two years, nine months and one day of back up time.

”The defendant failed to obey all laws for failure to comply with a peace order,” Granados said, adding that Burch had been in court on all three previous occasions.

“He got a new charge in March,” Granados pointed out. “Your honor needs to send a clear message that justice is not a game.”

“Violation of parole is a judicial thing,” West told Burch, “you can get a lot of jail time for something you may consider very minor. When the judge tells you to leave someone alone when you’re on probation already, you have to walk the straight and narrow.”

The judge then sentenced the defendant to one year and one day in the Maryland Department of Corrections and closed out probation unsatisfactorily.

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