Man tased in testicles during arrest sentenced in circuit court

La Plata, MD - A Colonial Beach, VA man who faced charges of disorderly conduct and failure to obey a lawful order will spend 60 days in the Charles County Detention Center after he was sentenced by Charles County Circuit Court Judge H. James West Monday, April 27.

Charles County Assistant State’s Attorney Francis Granados said that while Joseph Mitchell Powell Jr., 49, had no record, he had a string of prior offenses in Virginia.

Granados said Charles County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to the La Plata Walmart last Sept. 25 following reports of a man shouting at a woman and trying to get into her car.

“The lady refused,” he said. “She did not want Powell back in her car.”

When an officer approached Powell he told him to “**** off,” Granados said. “The defendant kept reaching in his left pants pocket and started gripping something. He was told to keep his hands away from his pockets. When he lunged at the officer, the deputy deployed his taser which did not affect him. The defendant struck the officer with a closed fist. Officers were able to get a handcuff on his right hand, but Powell kicked the officer and continued fighting. Officers continued to tase the man who continued to kick at the officers, and tased the defendant five times in the testicles. He threatened to shoot the officers.”

Granados added Powell yelled a racial epithet at one of the officers.

Powell’s attorney, Bill Shelton, told the court his client had a small pen knife in his pocket.

Powell told the court that he lives in Virginia and came to Charles County to do a construction job.

“Me and the woman I was with were drinking that day,” he told the judge.

Shelton asked West if his client could report to jail after his son’s graduation from boot camp at Camp Jackson May 28, a request the judge granted.

West handed down a sentence of 60 days on count one—disorderly conduct—with all but 30 days suspended, and another of 60 days for failure to obey a lawful order, with all but 30 days suspended.

West added that work release was granted and that Powell could report to the Charles County Detention Center June 5, that he would face three years of unsupervised probation upon his release, and that he was to stay away from the La Plata Walmart.

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