Judge reprimands man filming court case

La Plata, MD - The sentencing of Gregory Davon Robinson, 22 of Waldorf, took an interesting turn Thursday, April 2, when the brother of the defendant was found to be recording courtroom proceedings on his cell phone.

When a court security officer witnessed what was taking place, he seized the man’s phone and told him, “You’re not getting this back,” then told Charles County Circuit Court Judge H. James West, “He was videotaping the court.”

A court security officer once again announced to the gallery the strict court house policy of cell phone use in the courtroom, reiterating that use of electronic devices is not permitted in court.

West amicably requested to see the phone and called the perpetrator to the bench. West had the man delete what he had recorded in his presence before returning the device with a strict warning.

Charles County and most court systems throughout the state have stern policies governing the use of electronic devices in the courtroom. One officer said the man could have been held in contempt for his actions.

As for the defendant, defense attorney Anthony Mayo had been requesting that his client be allowed to delay sentencing to visit and attend the funeral services of his terminally ill grandfather.

“I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request,” Mayo said.

Robinson was facing sentencing on the robbery of a Burger King in Waldorf in 2013 with what turned out to be a BB gun.

West sentenced the defendant to 10 years with all but 18 months suspended, granting Robinson work release and added three years of supervised probation. The judge also allowed Robinson to report to the Charles County Detention Center April 15 in order to attend his grandfather’s funeral.

Robinson was given one day credit for time served.

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