Calvert County Forestry Board wins grant

The Calvert County Forestry Board was awarded a $1,500 grant from the Maryland Forestry Foundation to plant 50 American chestnut seedlings on the property of the American Chestnut Land Trust.  We are taking part in a regional effort to revive a species that was once one of the most important trees in our eastern hardwood forests - one that was almost completely obliterated in the early 1900s by a blight brought over from Asia.  By planting the seedlings and monitoring their health and growth statistics, we will help preserve the chestnut genes and add to the body of knowledge about where and how to plant and care for chestnuts.

The Calvert County Forestry Board is partnering with the American Chestnut Land Trust to plant 50 American chestnut seedlings as part of the State's program to bring back the species. ACLT volunteers are in the process of clearing 1/6th of an acre for the planting. The seedlings will be picked up at the Ranger Station in Baltimore County on 4/24/15 and we have scheduled the planting for 4/26/15. The planting will be done by community volunteers under the direction of the Land Manager of ACLT (who is a Calvert Forestry Board member) and several Forestry Board members.

The measuring of the trees and the logging of survival rates will be done by Calvert High School students with all data going to the State of Maryland's database on chestnut success rates.  The student monitoring of the growth of the chestnut stand will continue well into the future as the trees age and become susceptible to the blight.

Volunteer hours are estimated to top 200 hours and were a crucial part of our grant application.  In appreciation for the volunteer hours donated to this project, the Forestry Board will hold a pizza party for all volunteers in the October time frame.   

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