Who stole Puff's signs?

His campaign motto is “Let Puff Do it.” Apparently someone else is doing it to Puff. Recently 27 signs along Golden Beach Road for Republican House of Delegates (29-A) candidate Bryan “Puff” Barthelme have been taken from the front yards of supporters.

Barthelme told the Bay Net that his first thought was they had blown down but the homeowners told him that wasn’t the case. Some thought maybe he had taken them to relocate them elsewhere, but that also wasn’t the case. Barthelme checked with the State Highway Administration and was told they don’t seize political signs.

So it’s become a whodunit. Was it a political dirty trick or someone upset at his message “Keep Waldorf in Waldorf” or was it just a prank that negates and lot of time, effort and cost on the candidate’s part.

Barthelme will check with some of the people who allowed the signs to be posted to see if anyone has security cameras that may have caught the person(s) red handed doing the dastardly deed.

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