Wedding Traditions That Carry On

We’ve all heard the expression: “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Where do these traditional wedding phrases come from? Today’s bride pays very little–if any–attention to such phrases. But for the longest time these wedding traditions were embraced by the sentimental and superstitious. Let’s take a look at some of the traditions that may or may not be utilized by today’s bride:

Why wear a wedding ring? As far back as wedding were documented, a wedding ring has been in recorded. Many people believe that a wedding ring symbolized the first wedding tradition. The circular shape of a wedding ring symbolizes eternity. Like a circle, love is continuous and never-ending. Why does the ring rest on the third finger of the left hand? It’s believed that the vein in that specific finger runs directly to the heart.

Why should a bride wear white? Prior to 1840, a bride would wear her “Sunday’s best” to marry in. But after Queen Victoria wore a white gown to her wedding, white gowns were embraced by everyone. The simple white gown represented virginity, joy, and purity.

Why does the bride where a wedding veil? Let’s go back in time. People were very superstitious and they believed that a bride wore a veil to protect her from evil spirits on her wedding day. Now the white veils is seen as a symbol of modesty.

Why does the bride carry flowers? Once again, this was a wedding tradition that was used to ward off evil spirits. Flowers and herbs were believed to play an important “role” in attracting good things instead of negativity. Today flowers are used to add a touch of elegance. If they carry any symbolism, it’s that of purity, romance, and fertility.

Where did the expression: “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” come from? Ah, this one has everything to do with symbolism. “something old” from a friend or relative who has been married for a long time should be carried by the bride. This item is believed to hold the power to insure a lasting marriage. The bride should also carry “something new” into her new life with her. “Something borrowed” represents borrowed happiness. The color blue, which was associated with modesty, was embraced when the line “something blue” was written.

Why do they “give the bride away?” Back in olden times, a man literally gave his daughter away in an arranged marriage. Today the phrase remains as the parents of the bride are “give” their consent and love.

Why is a runner used in the aisle? The runner symbolizes a path. White runners are usually used to represent a clean (or pure) path to happiness.

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