Modern Wedding Bouquets

Almost every bride will carry some sort of bouquet as she walks down the aisle on her wedding day. But not every bride is necessarily a traditional white rose or lily-of-the-valley type of girl. For brides with more modern taste, these are some wonderful ideas for bridal bouquets.

To design a wedding bouquet that feels fresh and contemporary, there are a variety of elements to play with. You can choose a classic flower, but take it up a notch by doing it in a bold color. Or you can select flowers with an updated feeling. Another idea is to incorporate non-floral elements into your handcrafted wedding bouquet, such as feathers or crystals to match your bridal jewelry.

The best bouquets will tie in with the style of the wedding gown and the overall feel of the wedding. If you are having your wedding in an urban loft, and wearing a chic wedding gown with unique handcrafted bridal jewelry, a traditional nosegay of white flowers will detract from the vision that you are trying to bring to life. Your flowers should be as streamlined and hip as your venue. A bouquet of sultry dark red dendrobium orchids or hot orange calla lilies would fit the bill perfectly.

Even if you are having a formal wedding in a more traditional venue, you can still choose a bouquet with more of an edge to it. One of the coolest flowers to include is the black and white anemone, which looks fantastic for a black tie wedding. Play up the black tie motif even further by choosing a tuxedo inspired bouquet wrap, complete with a row of little black crystals to mimic the studs on a tuxedo shirt. For a daytime wedding, the same bouquet could be accented with a wide satin ribbon in a shocking chartreuse green.

Unique elements are one of the trademarks of modern wedding flowers. Your bouquet does not have to be limited to just flowers; for that matter, it does not have to include any flowers at all. A fabulous statement making bouquet can be designed using all feathers. Choose either bleached white peacock feathers (marvelous for a Winter Wonderland wedding), or go for all out glamor with multicolored peacock feathers. If an all feather bouquet feels a bit too bold, try incorporating a few feathers into a floral bridal bouquet for a dash of flair.

There are many other intriguing natural elements that can be used to make a bouquet fresh and interesting. Think about using nontypical greens, such as bear grass or hosta leaves. Plants with a unique texture or form can also be layered in; great options include seed pods, fiddlehead ferns, kangaroo paw plants, and vines. You can also choose an unusual plant as your main flower, such as a succulent.

Finally, keep color in mind. Greens and oranges are very stylish and fresh looking right now. Another idea is to go with very, very dark colors, like an aubergine so deep that it is nearly black. Bold color choices will definitely take your bridal bouquet away from the traditional or expected. Have some fun working with your florist to design a bouquet that is contemporary, unique, and above all, one that reflects your personal style.

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