2 Sets of Accessories For the Little Ones of the Wedding Party

In all weddings there is a small army of people involved and each play a unique role. There are parents of the bride, the best man, the bridesmaids, the parents of the groom, the maid of honor, the groomsmen, the clergy, and the photographer. But how can we forget the smallest two helpers, the flower girl and the ring bearer. They are not just the smallest, but they are children and there for have to be treated different. That is why flower girl accessories and ring bearer accessories mean a lot more than just the tools they will need for the wedding, but also other little tokens as well.

The flower girl is one of the oldest traditional members of the wedding party. Dating back to the Roman Empire, our present day flower girl found her current role in Victorian England. There they were seen as more than just the little flower mess makers. They were viewed as a symbol of innocence and purity. So much so that they even wore a white dress like the bride who, in theory, was also pure and innocent. Even today they often still wear white dresses and veils. As far as the wedding is concerned, she will need two items. One is a veil. Again, this helps her symbolize the young, pure bride. Then she will need her bucket. A basket will do in a tight spot. The bride should choose her a nice one that reflects theme and style of the wedding complete with silk ribbons.

In addition to those, she will need a couple more accessories. These are like the bridesmaids gift but different. They are not just little women, they are children so a few little token will help her not to feel left out. These can be personalized little tokens or items that reflect her duties, like “World’s Best Flower Girl” sort of things. Colors and style can reflect your wedding style as much or as little as you deem appropriate.

On the other side of the isle we have the flower girl’s other half, the ring bearer. The history of the ring bearer does not go back as fall as the flower girl’s simply because there was need for them as it was only recently, the last couple of hundred years, that the bride and groom exchanged rings. Since then he has become more than just the boy with the ring, he symbolizes the young man serving as a man-at-arms. We might all look at him as the little man in the tuxedo, but we understand he is more than just that.

The ring bearer might be the last addition to the wedding party, but he carries the oldest symbolic part of the ceremony. Surprisingly, it is not the ring, it is the pillows. It dates back over 100 years back to the time of the Pharaohs. During the wedding, jewels were presented on pillows. Now it is the only accessory he needs for the wedding. Great thought should be put into that silken pillow. They are always square but beyond that there are many options. They come in single or double pillows. Some have silk ribbons to secure the rings then there are all the colors and monograms. As for their little gifts they are much like the flower girl’s only more boyish. The big key is to be equal with them. They are kids and will notice.

So for the younger members of the wedding party remember them and the role they serve. A wedding without them would be lacking something.

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