It's On! Tiki 2008 on Solomon's Island is Underway

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It’s been a long winter, but it officially ends today.

Breaking News!: The ambassadors of Spring are convening the first party of the season, at grass huts on Solomon’s Island, also known as Tiki Bar.

Those lucky enough to get the party started on the right foot, hundreds of them, are already on the island doing their civic duty of ushering in Southern Maryland’s fair weather season.

The bars are stocked, the weather is perfect and the Grill Sgt. has a full stock and a full platoon serving up some of the tastiest barbeque in Southern Maryland.

Don’t miss it: at Then at 4 p.m., the Tiki King will arrive with his grass-skirted entourage and bless the new season in high style before all and who have looked forward to this party-to-end-all-parties all winter long.

The Bay Net is on the scene reporting live throughout the day, check back for updates as they come in.

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