All Hail the Honorable Tiki King

  • Calvert County
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Party-goers began arriving right at the stroke of 12 noon when the bar opened its doors for the first time 2008. As the afternoon wore on the crowd began to grow, approaching the 4:00 hour when the Tiki King will officially bless the season and toast the ever growing crowd.

As it gets closer to the time, the gathered throng has moved closer and closer to the docks in anticipation of this once-a-year event. When King Tiki makes his toast the party will be launched into full swing.

According to Terry Clarke, “The road will be closed once they think most of the people that are coming are here and then people can wander around to their heart’s content without worrying about being run over.” Road closure is planned for between 7:30 and 9 p.m. There will be an emergency lane left open, but everywhere around the Tiki Bar will be pedestrian traffic only until the bar closes for the night. Keep an eye here as the evening progresses.

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