Take the Opportunity - Provide a Positive Voice,Text Message Your Teen on Prom Night

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Underage drinking, young driver crashes and young driver impaired driving crashes have an affect on too many families,friends and loved ones in St. Marybs County.  St. Marybs County
ranks 6th highest in the state of Maryland for underage BINGE Drinking. BINGE drinking is defined as consuming 5 or more drinks during a singleevent.  Young people all too are involved in underage drinking and
impaired driving crashes during Prom season.  St. Mary's County Highway Safety, Alliance for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and the Division of Community Services are working together to prevent the
senseless tragedies involving underage drinking. 

As part of this effort parents and guardians are asked to used Prom and the PRMTXT Campaign to remind our young people to have fun and stay safe on prom night.
PRMTXT Campaign Encourages Family and Friends to Fight Underage Drinking on Prom Night.  Taking advantage of how teens prefer to communicate, The Century Council, an organization funded by distillers
dedicated to fighting drunk driving and underage drinking, is launching its second annual safe prom campaign using text messaging as a creative way to remind teens to make smart decisions and not to drink alcohol
during prom night or throughout the year.

In order to send the text message, family members and friends only need to do the following: Visit Register the teen's cell phone number, date of prom, and zip code. On prom night, teens will receive the message: "Have fun 2night. Stay safe. Don't drink. Luv u.". Participants can also receive a confirmation that evening that their message was sent.
The prom text messaging initiative is spearheaded by The Century Council and is supported by The Wireless Foundation, the charitable organization formed by the member companies of CTIA -- The Wireless
Association, the international association of the wireless telecommunications industry, and Teen Arrive Alive, dedicated to addressing teen driving safety.

The goal of the initiative is to remind teens to stay safe and alcohol-free on prom night and to encourage a dialogue between parents and teens about the dangers of underage drinking. Additionally, the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) and the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA) are participating by encouraging their members to utilize this tool to keep teens safe during prom season. "We encourage parents to talk to their teen over and over again,
especially on prom night, and remind them that underage drinking is illegal and unsafe," says Susan Molinari, Chairman, The Century Council. "Text messaging allows parents to reinforce with their teens how
serious this issue is and how much parents care. And we know parents make a difference. But the prom text messaging initiative is not limited to only parents. Grandparents, siblings, friends -- anyone can visit and send a text message to someone they care about on prom night. We were very energized by last year's participationin this initiative and hope to reach even more teens with
this important message.

" Studies show that 65% of teens cite parents as their leading influence
in their decision not to drink.
Steve Largent, President & CEO of CTIA-The Wireless Association(R) added, "It's no secret that kids love to text message their friends.Text messaging has increased 93 percent over the past year and is one of the primary methods of communication for teens. So it makes perfect
sense for p

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