Mom Resists Arrest Even While Child Stands in Middle of Road

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DFC Gary Shrawder conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle traveling 83 MPH in a 55 MPH zone on Md. Rt. 4 and Ashwood Drive in Dunkirk. 

The driver was identified as Stephanie D. Rivers, 30, of Lexington Park.  Rivers advised DFC Shrawder that she needed to use the restroom.  Shrawder told her to continue to travel northbound to Md. Rt. 260 to make a stop at the 7-11 Convenience Store and he would follow. 

However, Rivers failed to turn onto Md. Rt. 260 so Shrawder made another traffic stop on her vehicle.  He wrote her a citation but Rivers would not sign the citation and she was advised by him that failure to sign could lead to her arrest.  DFC Shrawder informed Rivers at least 10 times that if she did not sign, it would lead to her arrest.  She then advised the deputy she would not sign and to “lock her up.” 

While DFC Shrawder was attempting to handcuff Rivers, her 3 year old son, who had been in the rear of the vehicle, exited the vehicle and was standing in the median strip of Md. Rt. 4.  Shrawder advised Rivers to sit in the police car so that he could retrieve her son but she would not. 

Shrawder called to the boy who came to him and Shrawder had him sit in the police car for his safety. 

Rivers was transported to the detention center and charged with resisting arrest.  The Department of Social Services retrieved the child.

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