MD Governor Closes All Non-Essential Business; Not a Shelter-In-Place Order


On March 23, 2020, at an 11 AM press conference, Gov. Larry hogan[R] announced the closure of all non-essential businesses in his jurisdiction as of 5 PM on Mar. 23.

The order does not prohibit residents from leaving their home, unlike how California and New York have recently enacted on their residents.

The Maryland Department of Health has confirmed as of this morning that Maryland has confirmed 288 cases of the novel coronavirus(COVID-19) across the board, up from 244 on Mar. 22. This is an 18% increase in 24 hours.

No new cases have been confirmed in Southern Maryland residents.

Businesses such as pharmacies, medical care businesses, and grocery stores will be allowed to remain open. Car dealers, retailers, and artistic venues are among the various non-essential shut down. This comes after Hogan’s previous declaration to close movie theaters, bowling alleys, and other entertainment venues.

Considered essential are the follow workers:

  • Health Care
  • Food Services
  • Food Stores
  • Agriculture
  • Public Works
  • Communications based operations
  • Law Enforcement
  • First Responders
  • Critical manufacturing operations
  • Transportation
  • Water and Waste services
  • Financial services

Order of the Governor of the State of Maryland Closing All Non-Essential Businesses

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