Maryland to Postpone Primary Election to June 2

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. - At a Tuesday morning press conference, the Governor of Maryland announced that the primary election for the state of Maryland will be postponed to June 2. Gov. Larry Hogan cited how a number of other states have already taken similar measures in their election process.

"Free and fair election are the very foundation of American democracy," Hogan said. "While there are many valid reasons for unease and uncertainty right now, ensuring that the voices of Maryland citizens are heard shouldn't be one of them."

This postponement will impact the primary which was originally scheduled for Apr. 28, but Hogan hopes it will not impact the election for the open seat of the late Elijah Cummings[D] in Baltimore.

The Maryland State Board of Elections (SBE) released the following statement through a press release in response to Governor Larry Hogan’s proclamation delaying the 2020 Primary Election and requiring vote-by-mail for the special general election for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District. 

“The Maryland State Board of Elections fully supports the actions taken by Governor Hogan today. Our highest priority is to deliver a safe election environment for voters and election workers while also ensuring the fundamental right to vote. The actions announced today are critical to fulfilling that goal. Effective immediately, SBE and Maryland’s local boards of elections are implementing the requirements set forth by Governor Hogan for the primary election and special general election in the 7th Congressional District.

“Maryland relies on thousands of election workers every election cycle, and their health and wellness is critical. We strongly encourage all Marylanders, especially those over the age of 60, to follow guidelines from the State of Maryland and the Centers for Disease Control that are designed to reduce risk of exposure to COVID-19. Following public health guidelines will position Maryland’s election workforce to deliver the safest and most secure primary election possible.

“Lastly, any voter who wishes to cast their ballot by mail in the primary election may do so. Submit a request online by visiting and clicking the ‘Request a Ballot’ box or obtaining a request form from”

This is an ongoing story.

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